Loving yourself is so important!


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As Valentine's Day approaches, kids can easily fall info the trap of measuring how loved they are by the amount of notes, letters, flowers, chocolates and/or interest they receive on Valentines day. We've all been there, and we want our kids to enjoy the fun day the school supports, but it's so important that we make sure our Tweens understand that love does not depend on the amount of cards, chocolates, or flowers they receive. Yes, it's nice to receive gifts, but self-love is what is really important. Knowing that you are already loved, irrespective of what you get on Valentines day, loving yourself for being unique, kind, caring, and a good friend to others can all be signs of being comfortable with yourself, and knowing that you are already loved and supported.   

Self-love is a complex concept, but self-love promotes self confidence, allowing us to remain true to ourselves in any situation. It also helps us to accept our uniqueness, without comparing ourselves to others. Most importantly, self-love reminds us that we are already loved - by those around us and most of all by God who made us. Loving yourself or even just liking yourself, is an essential part of self-care that can bring healing from the inside out - making learning to love yourself unconditionally worth every effort!

The way social media sees self-love is wrong most of the time and very dangerous to young minds (even us as adults) … it is always connected with how you look.  Self-love to us, means to appreciate and be grateful for the beautiful gift you were given, which is YOU to start with!  Self-love is how you take care of you, mind-body-spirit.  Every inch of you has been purposefully and wonderfully made by the Creator of all creation and that is something to celebrate!  

The feedback we get most often from the parents is “it’s amazing to see how buying her her own Tweenology products, has really made her value herself so much more. He/She enjoys taking care of him/herself and my child is proud and excited to get into a self-care routine!”. We love getting your feedback and we cant help to feel we need to share more, as this often helps other parents understand that it’s so much more than just healthy plant based skincare products. It’s part of the journey of valuing yourself, taking care of your skin, getting to know who you are (identity), celebrating your one-of-a-kind-ness and spreading this in a positive manner among your peers!

We hope this Valentines month is one where you can enjoy celebrating self love as much as celebrating each other.

We love you!

Tween team!

Psalm 139:14  

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.