The Solid Rock


With no foundation, no house or building will stand. It counts for us as humans too.

Building a solid foundation for our tweens to stand on will give them footing, strength, ability, confidence, and hope. It might sound airy-fairy, but it’s not. Let’s face it, parenting is a very hard job because we are responsible for the next generation of adults. What are we leaving them with? I know that I want to set up my daughter for success in life. It does not mean I want her to become the best in everything and win, win, win. It means I want her to succeed as a human in life. Be a giver. Be a doer. Be present. Be a good friend. Be honest. Do her best in everything she attempts. Have healthy habits. Know that she has worth and that she matters and has purpose.

Let’s face it… all humans fail at one time or another. Disappointment is around the corner. As adults, we have learned that people disappoint whether they meant to or not. Even with the greatest intentions, we seem to fail someone somewhere along the line. Some of us might not even have someone to call a friend. And even then, they might still fail to be there when we need them. There is one person we can count on, who is always there no matter what time of day or where you find yourself. It is God. The Creator of everything. A solid Rock! He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient (all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere present). He is in everything, He is everything, He knows everything, everything belongs to Him, including you. You are never alone, friend.

God has been the solid foundation I have been standing on, even when it feels like the world has pulled the carpet from underneath me, I know He is there. His Word is so relevant for today that it leaves me in awe that a book that has been written over 1500 years, so many thousands of years ago, is applicable to my daily situations! As in everything! I am so grateful for Google because I can just search for a Bible verse that I need… for example, “Bible verses about friendship.” We have it at our fingertips. Daily and Godly inspiration. Many people post “positive quotes” and then I will find that quote in the Bible in Proverbs… no world! If you are going to use a positive quote, quote the original author as well. Some say it is brave to mention a Bible verse, but why? If it is the original author, why not mention it? We don’t think twice to mention Roald Dahl, Mandela, or Gandhi for their sayings or quotes.

It’s important for me to let my daughter know that her foundation is solid in God so that she will never feel alone and will know what to do and where to go when the pawpaw hits the fan, when she is down and out, or when she is at her happiest and most successful.

It might not be everybody's foundation, but it is mine and I have found it to be the only foundation that is immovable, unshakeable, and solid as a rock.