Term 3, Day 1 - NEW BEGINNINGS

Welcome to the exciting start of Term 3! We hope you all had a special holiday filled with joy and relaxation. As our tweens head back to school, it’s a wonderful opportunity to embrace the new beginnings that this term brings.


The Significance of Starts

We believe every start is a chance for our children to grow, reconnect, and shine. The first day of Term 3 is more than just a return to routine; it’s a clean slate and a fresh start. Here’s a couple of thoughts of how we as parents can embrace this term, and help encourage our tweens can make the most of it:

- New Beginnings: Encourage your child to see the start of this term as a chance to set new goals and take on new challenges. Let them write down their goals, they’re dreams and what they would like to see come to life this term. Making dreams visible can encourage the entire family to get behind them to help make these dreams come to life!

- Reconnecting with Friends: The first day back is the perfect time to strengthen friendships and build new ones. Initiate conversations about their friends, existing and new, and always look out for that new child, who might be starting Term 3 in a new school, another opportunity to make someone feel welcome, be kind and for our kids to take the initiative when the opportunity presents itself.

- A Clean Slate: Every term is an opportunity for a fresh start, leaving behind past mistakes and focusing on new possibilities. Use this start of a term to help them get excited about the future, the possibilities and that anything and everything is possible - Excitement lies ahead!

- Supporting One Another: Teach your child the importance of supporting their peers, fostering a sense of community and kindness. We never know how things are really going with the friends, so showing support can really go a long way!


We would like to remind you that our Tweenology affirmation bracelets are designed to remind our tweens of their unique qualities and potential. Each bracelet carries all the powerful word to inspire and motivate them:

- Smart: Encourage your child to approach new lessons with curiosity and confidence. This Smart does not mean that you are “book smart”, but that they have the ability to discern and that they make smart choices.

- Kind: Remind them to be kind to their classmates, especially those who might be feeling nervous about the new term. The start of a term is a great opportunity to be extra kind!

- Brave: Inspire them to try something new, whether it’s in class, on the sports-field, a new hobby, or making a new friend. Let’s be Brave this term!

- Unique: Celebrate what makes them unique and encourage them to embrace their individuality in the classroom. They have so many beautiful and unique qualities which reminds us of that saying “be yourself, because everyone else is already take”.

- Loved: Above all, remind them that they are loved and supported, giving them the confidence to face any challenge and know that they are not alone.

As always, we wish both parents and kids an incredibly blessed and successful term. Let’s make Term 3 a period of growth, happiness, and kindness towards all.

Warm regards,

Team Tweenology