Tween Pressure


Tween pressure


As tweens, it can be hard to know how to cope with the pressures of growing up and navigating a world that's constantly changing. Kids between 7 and 12 are faced with an array of challenges — from physical changes, academic pressure to social pressure  — which can all be a bit overwhelming.

We as parents have an important role in helping our tweens manage these pressures. Here are five tips for parents we hope can help you in supporting your tween/s during this difficult period of transition:

1. Create a safe space for your tween to express their feelings. It's important that tweens know they have a safe place to talk about their worries, fears and struggles without judgment or criticism. This helps them develop healthy coping strategies and feel comfortable communicating with you.

2. Encourage your tween to take part in physical activities and outdoor play. Exercise can be a great way for tweens to relieve stress, build confidence and practice problem-solving skills.

3. Set healthy boundaries around technology use. Tweens may be tempted to spend more time than necessary on social media, playing online games or watching television, so establishing clear guidelines about how much time your child/children can spend in front of a screen each day can help. Screen time can at times, limit healthy communication and only procrastinate addressing important things that need to be discussed.

4. Help them build strong relationships and support networks. Tweens need to have strong relationships with key people you trust, as this will build resilience and self-confidence, so encourage them to develop meaningful connections with peers. This could be grandpa or grandma, a teacher or a friend in school that you as a parent trust. 

5. Model healthy coping skills. Parents’ own behaviors can have a huge impact on how they cope, act and/or react, so it’s important to show your children that you are able to handle stress in a healthy and balanced way. This might include taking regular breaks, prioritizing sleep and nutrition, or getting involved in activities that bring joy and relaxation. 

By following the tips outlined above, parents can help tweens navigate through the pressures of growing up in today’s world. With a little support, they can develop healthy stress-management skills and gain the confidence to reach their full potential.

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