Pimples & hormones

Wash & Lotion


When my daughter was 9 years old she had her first pimple on her nose.  A proper proper proper ugly pimple.  It was then that I started looking around for an age appropriate and healthy face wash, but really could not find it.  I found some cheap ones with the most horrible ingredients but the packaging was colorful and gorgeous (don’t judge a book by it’s cover right?).  And of course she cannot use my anti-ageing products on her delicate skin.


I then went to my favorite health shops to find something natural there, but the skincare was aimed at adults and had active ingredients which is not suitable for such young skins.  So we made it!  Yes, when you can’t find it, make it! 


Our face wash and face cream has plant-based ingredients and is very simple and suitable for young skins.  It has no active ingredients so would not support acne prone skin in the way you would want it to, but does clean the skin properly.  What I realised with my daughter is that her face was just dirty and a facecloth no longer did the job. 


Washing your face the RIGHT way!


Many people don’t wash their faces long enough, so it does not get rid of all the dirt it is supposed to.  If you wear sunblock or make-up, you need to wash your face even longer, or maybe twice to make sure you got rid of everything.  


So my suggestion to tweens is

1) wash your hands first because dirty fingers on your face is a no no!

2) squirt a pea-size amount of wash onto your fingertips and rub together slightly and then cover the entire face with the wash.

3) sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY twice (normal speed!) while focusing on the forehead, the nose, the chin, jawline and cheeks.

4) rinse with clean water & pat dry

5) finish off with the Face Cream 



Dirt or hormones?


So as a tween your body starts to change and I am sure as a parent you have noticed your kids growing exponentially, suddenly there is body odour, hair starts to grow on places there was no hair before, there might be mood swings and pimples are more visible.  And as for girls of this age, breast growth will start and menstruation will be on the horison if it has not started already.  So their faces could be clean, but due to hormones, it is natural for pimples or acne to occur.


Establishing healthy habits like eating more healthy, exercising and starting a skincare routine would help them face (excuse the pun!) acne in coming years with confidence.  At Tweenology we also have the Choclit mask and Face Glow oil which can help alot because it infuses the skin with vitamins, omega oils, is oxidant and so much more.  I try to give my tween a home facial with all her Tweenology products, and sometimes I even need to extract a couple of blackheads very gently. I give her these facials so that she can learn how to take care of her skin and that she needs to make time for it.


We are so thrilled to have a spa close to us that uses Tweenology products for their facials, so I feel at ease when I can take her for a facial at a professional place using our skincare.  Professional institutions can steam the skin, do careful extractions of pimples and spend the right amount of time on the tweens’ skin for maximum results.  And of course you can ask your preferred salon or spa if they mind using your Tweenology products on your daughter or sons' skin instead of their in-house products.  They would probably say NO PROBLEM!


The lovely thing about giving your son or daughter a home facial is that you get to spend a bit of time with them… they need to relax while lying on your lap and it can be a special little bonding time without trying too hard and you never know what conversations might come up.  They need us more than they can say, and we just need to be available for that. 


This is all about preparing them for the teenage years to come (and preparing us as parents as well!)


Thank you for being an awesome hands-on parent.



Tweenoloy team