When to start?


How would I know if my tween needs to start with a skincare regime?

When the signs are all there!  As soon as you notice a change in your tweens skin, you can invest in a conversation with them about what’s to come and how to take care of their skin.

Changes can include:  dry & flaky skin, an oily T-zone or even than very first pimple.

Wash & Cream:

Our super gentle, plant-based Face wash & Face cream can help with cleaning the surface of the skin but also loosening the dirt in the pores and clean it out gently.  What we have noticed is that we don’t wash our faces long enough, so it does not get as clean as it should.  We (adults included) want to wash quickly and get on with things, but it is important to give your gorgeous skin the time in needs.  You can either sing Happy Birthday twice (slowly), or you can use each finger to wash your entire face starting with your pinkies and ending with your thumbs!  This way, you will wash long enough and think about where you are washing…. between your eyes, your brows, the sides of your nose, down your neck, the jawline etc.  Our face wash cleanses in a soft way without drying out the skin.  The Face cream smells like you can eat it, and is such a gentle moisturizer that feeds the skin, so massage that in!

How many times?

If you are a newby to skincare, washing & creaming once a day should be fine.  Night time will be perfect because you can wash off the daily sweat, dirt & sunscreen.  If your skin becomes a bit more needy, you can add the second time which will be in the mornings.  Wash, cream & add your favorite sunscreen. (hey, that rhyms!)

Picking, popping & squeezing:

Pick or popping pimples are not recommended at all, because once you pop or squeeze a pimple… it seems that they call all their friends and tomorrow you have more pimples.  The bacteria can spread so quickly, so please leave this to the professionals.  Going for a tween facial now and again is a good idea because they steam your pores open and then blackheads are easy to remove.  They do it the correct way and won’t leave any scars.  YES, picking, popping & squeezing can leave scars.

Skin booster:

Our Choklit mask & Face Glow oil are skin boosters!  The mask powder must be mixed with a little bit of water to form a paste and then applied to the face.  During the next 10minutes, the mask enters the top layer of your skin and spreads some antioxidant love.  After you have rinsed it off and dried your face gently with a clean towel, you can add 2-3 drops of Face Glow.  This should really be used in drops as it is so powerful because it contains Baobab & Jojoba oil as the stars!  

Just the baobab oil contains all the omega oils, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, Vitamin B, potassium, magnesiuim, phosphorus, managnese, and several other essential minerals as well!  It is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce redness, acne & irritation.

Jojoba oil contains a large amount of Vitamin E, is antioxidant & anti-imflammatory.  It does not clog pores and can reduce pimples, blackheads & whiteheads by using it regularly.

Allergic reactions:

Remember all skincare products should always be tested on your arm over a 24hour period before using it, to make sure you are not allergic or sensitive to the ingredients.  In some poeple baobab and especially jojoba oil can cause an allergic reaction.  This can be an itchy rash, red skin, hives or even shortness of breath.  Stop using the product immediately.  Antihistamines should stop the allergic reaction, otherwise see a doctor.  

So basically…. do a small patch test on your arm before using any new skincare products.

Tips & Tricks:

  • always wash your face with CLEAN HANDS & FINGERTIPS because your nails are loaded with bacteria & dirt.
  • Sometimes superficial pimples like whiteheads and blackheads can be tough to remove with only washing, and a scrub or sponge can be used to remove it. 
  • go for a tween facial when you need it. (ask for a Tweenology facial)
  • don’t pick, pop or squeeze your pimples… they will bring their friends!
  • always test new products on the inner part of your arm before using it on your face.