Body Awareness

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The month of October is Breast cancer awareness month and in this very pink month for all women to be aware of their bodies and getting to know their bodies, we thought it well to also focus on our Oh Hello Flo! period box.  
Learning about yourself takes a lifetime won't you agree?  There are new things that we learn as we grow older and embark on every new decade of our lives.  Teaching our daughters, or pointing them in the right direction will make them aware of not only their inner emotions and feelings, but also their bodies and skin.  Teaching them to listen to their bodies will empower them for life.  
We are so grateful for this opportunity to share the Oh Hello Flo period box with the world as there is no other period box like it.  You see, many other boxes are more focused on adults and different products, where our box is focused on tweens & teens, whether they are a first time peiod girl, or one that has had her period for a year or so.  Any tween and teen girl will still learn something by going through the box and reading the awesome little 16 page booklet.  It will empower them by understanding each one of us are different.  We don't all start our periods at the same age, our flows are not the same, the duration thereof or how it affects our bodies and moods.
As a mom in her 40's, I know my body pretty well, but I also know that with each decade things change.  Giving my daughter the tools to love her body and getting to know it, is the most beautiful ongoing conversation.  Ok not always beautiful, sometimes it's tough... but it is needed because they need us.  And I want to be there for her if she needs me.  And let's face it, it can be a very daunting conversation to start.  For some parents, it is really hard and we know this, and that is why we made the Oh Hello Flo box in the first place.  It is not only for our girls, but for us as parents as well.  It helps to start the conversation if you struggle with that.  It helps with the "what's next" questions, it covers the basics of starting your life with menstruation.  And judging by the amazing testimonials, reviews and emails we receive for fellow parents, the Flo box has hit the right spot!
Don't hesitate or wait too long.  Grab the moment and opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your daughter, but also to empower her with all she needs information in an age appropriate manner.
Tweenology team