Let’s not underestimate the power of a long hot bath!


No stress magnesium soak


It seems that our tweens are doing more than what we did at this age and have to cope with more than what we had to cope with.  It is important to know when to take some me-time, just think of nothing and let some goodness flow while relaxing in water.  Our No Stress! Magnesium soak is a fun way to keep the tweens in the bath for a tad longer and that tad longer is really needed because of the magnesium that needs to soak into the skin.

Did you know that most people only use a spoonful of magnesium in a full bath, which does absolutely nothing!  Research shows that you need at least 1 cup full (or more) of magnesium soak and you need to lie down in it for at least 20 minutes or more to reap the full benefits of this awesome product!

What are the benefits?


1. Stress Relieving:  

Magnesium baths can really assist with relaxation.  Taking a correct and long bath will release the serotonin levels in your body, which will lift your mood.  So good for during exams.


2. Healthy heart:  

These baths can improve blood circulation and protect your arteries against blood clots.


3. Happy feet:  

If you don’t have access to a bath, soaking your feet in a bucket with magnesium salt will surely help!  Not only is the soles of your feet very absorbant and can help your body to detox, but the magnesium will also keep your feet free from fungus and pains.


4. Them bones:  

We love the fact that magnesium baths can assist with bone health.  Not only arthiritis in older people, but also growing pains for tweens!


5. Bye-bye headache:  

Bath salts have also been proven a good pain reliever for people suffering from migrains and it promotes calmness.


6. Level-Up:  

When taking a bath, the skin will absorb the magnesium into the muscles and blood stream which will restore the levels of magnesium into your body.


7. Sporty cramps:  

If you are sore from all the sport you are doing, look no further than a good old 20 minutes in a magnesium bath.  It helps inflammation in the muscles and removes soreness naturally.


8. Detox:  

Magnesium baths pulls out toxins from the surface of the skin.  If you are feeling sick, or have been on medication, or have just come out of surgery, take a long hot bath and let the mag soak do the work.


9. Eczema:  

Although epsom salt is very beneficial to people suffering from eczema, we have to let you know that our bath salt contains Jasmine & Frankincense essential oils, organic coconut oil and some hundreds & thousands sprinkles that might irretate an already irretated skin.  We recommend using pure epsom salt for all eczema sufferers.


10. Natural is always best: 

A good old swim in the ocean will not only contain fun, but loads of magnesium chloride which is even better than magnesium sulfate.  We love that you can have fun while getting and being healthy!


Just breath & relax!