Nurturing Tween Skin: When is the best time to start (and what's up with this global trend of tweens using their mom's skincare)?



Nurturing Tween Skin: When is the best time to start and what's up with this global trend of tweens using their mom's skincare?

 As our children grow and develop, so do their skincare needs. It’s a delicate balance of nurturing their evolving skin while instilling healthy habits that last a lifetime. At Tweenology, we understand the journey of parenting tweens, which is why we're excited to share insights into plant-based skincare and self-care practices tailored specifically for your tween.

 We're asked almost daily, “When is the right time for my daughter or son to start using Tweenology?” There are typically two schools of thought:

  1. “Rather later”: Some advocate for leaving skincare and self-care discussions until later, allowing children to play freely without intervention.
  2. “Sooner rather than later”: Others believe in starting skincare routines sooner rather than later.

Here’s our stance:

 In most cases, we as parents feel our children are still young, innocent, and not quite where they perceive themselves to be. However, reality doesn't always align with this perception. We believe it's vital for them to have delicate, plant-based, healthy products regardless of when we, as parents, deem it appropriate to start. This ensures that whether they begin a little earlier or later, they're using products that are inherently beneficial. That's why we always honor our promise of delicate, natural, plant-based skincare solutions that are age-appropriate.

Next, regarding timing, our experience indicates that those who start earlier reap the rewards. In 99% of cases, parents who only start skincare routines when their children truly need them, due to outbreaks, acne, or other skin “conditions”, wish they had started earlier. Remember, it’s not just about the child’s skin; it's also about instilling a healthy skincare routine early on. It's about worrying less about the product on the skin (knowing it’s healthy off course) and more about using it as a tool to establish a healthy routine. This sets the stage for easier daily product use when it becomes necessary, as they're accustomed to it from an early age. It’s about teaching them to value themselves more than teaching them to wash their face. Once they start valuing themselves and enjoy self-care, success follows. Those who only start when the struggle starts, it’s then when parents start to panic, pressure gets applied and the child becomes overly sensitive and self-aware, impacting confidence and potentially leading to other problems down the road.

 The Global (unhealthy) Trend:

Kids love to have their own products. As you might have seen, it has become a huge world-wide trend on Tik Tok and other social media platforms for kids as young as 10 years old, to use expensive products with ingredients that are meant for adult skin.  This is not healthy for them.  This can potentially create skin problems in the future as well as tweens or teens that become obsessed with habits that are not meant for them yet.  We believe everything has the right time and exposing our children to things at the right time will have a bigger impact than giving them everything they want at the wrong time.  Also... just be your age because before you know it, you are grown up and your childhood was spent in front of a mirror faffing over yourself instead of having fun outside.

In our experience, as soon as they have their own products, they love using them, so as a parent, we need to choose skin & age-appropriate skincare for our tweens & teens, because let's face it... the kids don't buy it for themselves, we do!

 Some insights that might help:

  1. Understanding your child’s skin:

- Tween skin is unique, undergoing significant changes due to hormonal shifts and environmental factors. It's essential to choose gentle yet effective skincare solutions. Our plant-based products are formulated with natural ingredients carefully selected to suit tween skin, ensuring nourishment without harsh chemicals and/or any baddies.


  1. The Power of Plant-Based Ingredients:

- Nature provides an abundance of beneficial ingredients. Encourage your tweens to embrace the goodness of nature through their skincare routine, fostering an appreciation for natural solutions from an early age.


  1. Cultivating Self-Care Habits:

- Self-care isn't just for adults; it's a vital practice for tweens too. Teach them the importance of taking time for themselves, whether it's through skincare, mindfulness, or hobbies they enjoy. Our self-care products make it easy for them to use and incorporate self-care into their daily routine, promoting confidence, well-being and cleanliness!

As parents, we play a crucial role in guiding our tweens towards healthy habits that support their physical and emotional well-being. We hope that through our Tweenology range of products, we make this responsibility a tad easier for you by giving you products you know are healthy, age appropriate and affordable.

We are all in this together! Here's to radiant, confident tween skin and the joy of self-care!

Team Tweenology!