About Us

So I'm a mom with a daughter of 9 years old... sorry 9 and a half! (I'm not rolling my eyes!)

I realised that something is definitely happening to her emotionally and physically. Emotionally I can see that she is growing up because things start to affect her... peers at school not being cool (hey that rhymed!), getting very over dramatic when I ask her to do some chores and sometimes being plain grumpy! Physically she is just really becoming a beautiful young little lady. Besides her length and really catching up to me, I can see fine acne on her nose. Some friends are already wearing bras and some might have even started with their period.

As a family we are pretty healthy and we love using natural products, but I really struggled to find skincare for my daughter which does not have nonsense ingredients in or aren’t too expensive. So we made it! With emotions, fear and anxiety that starts kicking in with growing up and peer pressure, we also saw the need to remind her how amazing and unique she has been made… so affirmation bracelets were born. And so the story goes on!

This is a safe space where we can chat about everything that awaits us without feeling shy or scared. We can call it by its name and face it head-on! We can be brave and bold as we walk into becoming the wonderful young woman God has intended us to be.

Together we can figure this out and try to make it a smoother ride for all of us... and it will be FUN!!!!

Lots of love

Your sister in Tween x