Essential FACE bundle.
Essential FACE bundle.

Essential FACE bundle

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The perfect combo to keep your skin clean and smooth and also to stop pimples in their tracks!  This bundle contains 1x Facetime kit (face wash & face cream) and a packet of 24x Pimple Patches.  A wonderful way for tweens to learn how to take care of their skin in a healthy & fun way!  Both these products get five stars on our online shop!

The FaceTime Kit consists of an all-natural 100ml wash and 100ml lotion that is ideal for sensitive tween skin. This double power duo will leave their complexions clean, revitalized and hydrated without any petrochemicals oils and derivatives, silicons, parabens or synthetic fragrances.

What's more? It's lightweight and non-greasy. In other words: no fuss skincare in one convenient package! Let the FaceTime Kit not just be the perfect start to their healthy skincare routine, be the go-to solution for optimized skincare regimen that nurtures your family naturally!

In summary:

Our FaceTime Kit is our wash & lotion.

  • All-natural, approved raw materials 
  • Light, nongreasy 
  • No Petrochemicals oils and derivatives 
  • No silicons 
  • No parabens 
  • No synthetic fragrances 

Size: 100ml wash, 100ml lotion 

Choose between "Girl" or "Guy".

 You are beautiful, you are smart, you are talented, you are cute, you are brave, you are loved.

Made in Cape Town 


Introducing the HowZIT Star Pimple Patches, the perfect solution to your pimple problems! Got a pesky break out? No problem. Just stick one of these 100% Hydrocolloid patches over the affected spot and goodbye breakthroughs! Our patches are the safe, dermatologically tested and a great way for your tween to not only deal with the breakout, but celebrate it!

 These amazingly cool star-shaped patches draw out dirt, reduce redness and swelling, and make healing faster. Plus, since it stops you from scratching or picking at your skin in frustration, you don’t have to worry about making things worse. The HowZIT Star Pimple Patches are just what every tween needs in their beauty routine – plus they score top marks for coolness too!

What’s more? This product contains 24x star shaped patches so you can use them wherever and whenever those nasty breakouts appear. Keep this convenient package around the house – right in reach when needed most. So don’t let life put another obstacle in front of you; get ready to fight against teen acne with HowZIT Star Pimple Patches!

How to use it:

Use clean hands to remove a pimple patch from the packet.  Apply it to a clean & dry face, directly onto the pimple.  Make sure your face is cleansed.  Leave on for a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 12 hours.  We recommend using it before you go to bed and let the healing happen while you are sleeping.


- It reduces redness & swelling

- It draws out the dirt

- It treats whiteheads and mild acne breakouts

- It makes the healing process faster

- It stops you from scratching or picking

- It is tested dermatologically for all skin types.


Ingredients:  100% Hydrocolloid Only

QTY: Contains 24x star shaped patches

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