Affirmation Bracelets!


Affirmation Bracelets


Now that I am a parent of a tween, I realize how many times I need to repeat myself for my tween to do as I ask.  Whether it is pick up your clothes from the floor, tidy your room, or even stuff like, you are amazing and one of a kind!  Everything needs to be repeated in order for them to do it, know it, feel it, believe it.  And if we don't repeat ourselves, they might one day not do it, know it, feel it or believe it!

The thing is, our tweens aren't always with us.  They might be school-going or playing at a friend's house, or they might be at a party and who knows what conversations might be going on there.

Our affirmation bracelets were born when I felt the need for my tween to be reminded that she is:  KIND, BRAVE, SMART, UNIQUE & LOVED.

Ofcourse there are many other words and affirmations we can add, but these for me are the core.  The foundation. 

This should be a conversation starter between the adult and the tween.  Don't just give it to them and think they will know, like really know what it means.  The word, kind, has turned into such a cliché that it lost its strength, but when we explain it and even use other words to describe it... it gets its' power back!  This is why we add a very special bookmark with each bracelet explaining it all.

  • KIND: when you see someone sitting alone during break, you are the kind of person who will ask, "hey, can I sit with you?" or "would you like to join us?".  You can imagine what it must feel like to sit alone, having no one to talk to and have empathy for that person.
  • SMART: You are smart, even if that kid said you are a dummy.  That is just his opinion and not the truth.  You don't need the highest marks in class to be smart, you are already smart.  Believe it!
  • BRAVE: there is nothing in life you should fear because you were made with a purpose and for such a time as this.  You can be bold and strong, have courage and do the things that sometimes scare you a bit... like saying a speech in front of the class.
  • UNIQUE: there is physically nobody else in the world like you, and there has never been!  Just look at your fingerprints!  Each set unique, even if you are an identical twin!  Everything God made is perfect, so there is no reason for you to want to be like anybody else, or look like anybody else, because you are perfect in your own special way!  (imagine we were all the same... boring!)
  • LOVED: Even if you mess up.  Even if you are naughty, you are loved by the people at home.  Your family cares for you and loves you. 

 We have been receiving the most beautiful testimonials from parents and teachers about our Affirmation bracelets and how it resonates with their tweens.  Let's keep the conversation open and always make them feel safe to speak about easy and difficult stuff.

It might just make things easier for us as parents when they turn into teenagers.

In it together,

Tween team